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Hi everyone,

recently our growth hacking department has made few a/b test for a group of our customers to see if changing the method of gathering subscribers for web push notifications will increase the amount of collected agreements. 

As you may probably know, by default, when a user clicks "yes" in the agreement form on the website


a new window pops-up


where you have to "allow" to get notifications in the browser (language of the notification depends on the browser`s default language). 

You can easily turn this additional window off by configuring your own domain for sending web pushes. See how to do it here:



What we found in the a/b tests is when you do this, you may expect rapid increase in the amount of collected agreements. Below I provide the results for number of tests performed for different customers:

Test 1 - 121% increase in collected agreements

Test 2 - 81%  increase in collected agreements

Test 3 - 30%  increase in collected agreements

Test 4 - 219%  increase in collected agreements


Basically, we didn`t find any example, where there might be a negative result after configuration of own domain. We highly recommend using this method to get more web push notification recipents.

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  • But You still have to click to agree two times, right? First on the form sent from SM, and second time on the form sent from the browser. Is that correct?

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    • Daniel Janik, yes.

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