Hi everyone!
I think that the chat should have a scheduling feature that activates or deactivates it on certain days and times: it would be a very important feature for every company that have a customer care service, especially during the weekend. What do you think about it?

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  • Hi,


    as for now chat can be activated by consultant when it`s available and can respond to user options.

    So the livechat is displayed all the time, but it has the option to start conversation only when consultant is logged in. Otherwise there is a form in which you can leave your data to be contacted when someone will be available. 

    So the need is to totally hide livechat if there is no consultant?


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    • Aleksander Skalka Yes, the need is to totally hide live chat if there isn't the consultant: now an user can leave a message (or use the chat) even if the consultant is inactive. 
      The only way to not allow to leave a message is deactivate the chat.
      For this cause it could be useful a features that deactivate the chat in specific time, or a one that doesn't allow the leaving of message when a consultant is inactive.
      It could be a very important step for every Sales Manago's client who have an ecommerce or a customer care service!


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      OK, I understand, but just to be sure - do you already know the options for setting up chat behaviour when consultant is inactive?


      There is an option, that when the consultant is not logged in, the chat will still be possibile to start, but not the conversation - only a contact form, when someone can leave the message and get reply when consultant will be back. Does it fill your needs or it`s not enough still? Thanks in advance!


      Best regards


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    • Aleksander Skalka Yes, I know this option, but as you told me an user can still leave a message. However, even if I remove the field "message" the chat conversation can still be started, as you see in the attachments, and I find it in the Live Chat Panel of SalesManago.

      I think this thing should be reviewed with the possibility to choose if the user can start a conversation or not. 

      It's very important for the business that don't want receive messages / chat conversations during specific days or hours.

      Thank you for your support,


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